Basic Git Commands (Not Git Basics)

October 2020 ยท 1 minute read

There are a few git commands I use all the time. I want to share them.

Create a new feature or switch between two:

git checkout -b BRANCH
git checkout BRANCH

To get an idea about what to commit:

git status
git diff
git diff --cached

Mark file changes for commit (stage them:)

git add -p FILE

Commit changes, merge with the previous commit:

git commit -m'MESSAGE'
git commit --amend

Show the repository history the way I can understand. I have an alias for this:

git log --oneline --graph --decorate --all

Show particular commit changes:

git show COMMIT

Sometimes needed before/after rebase:

git stash
git stash pop

Take the current branch and put it on top of BRANCH_OR_COMMIT. Do it iteratively, so change what needs to be changed:

git rebase -i BRANCH_OR_COMMIT

Merge the BRANCH to the current branch. However, do not meld it:

git merge --no-ff BRANCH

Do not forget that all the git magic is damned if you don’t know how to write a git commit message.